blank project won't remote preview on mac (chrome) to ipad air -- anyone else?

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  • before I start trying to track the problem down, I was wondering if anyone else is having remote preview problems..

    it seems to get stuck during "Connecting" ... says 1 client connected .. total uploaded 0 bytes.


  • I have the same problem but with different Devices from Windows Pc Running chrome trying to remote Preview to any iPhone Devices I got the same problem as you described "get stuck during Connecting" I had to restart many Times it can get really frustrating, sometimes it starts loading but slow and after long waiting gets stuck it really slows down the development quite a lot making it nearly impossible to carry on with the Game, I just recently tried again with the "Game Jam" and still behaves the same, I thought it would be fixed by now.

    Is it a coincidence that it only happens when you trying to connect ios devices?

    I never tried android so I don't know if behaves the same

    My internet is not the fastest but I download at (2 or 3) MB per second up to 8 MB, I don't think is a problem with the Internet

    There is a request to bring back the C2 Local Preview which works pretty good I never had any problem with it, if you are interested please Vote


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  • Thanks for that!

    Yeah, the C2 local preview was MUCH better... so many things are worse because of choosing to make the editor run in the browser only..

    I only have ios devices so can't say if its as flakey with Android and windows..

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