Black screen problem on android (apk) [SOLVED]

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  • Hi everyone,

    I have currently a problem with my game. When I ran it on mobile, it work perfectly if it's a remote preview. But when I have exported this to a signed apk file, it don't works... It turn to a black screen after 1 second since the start.

    How are the display settings?

    Viewport size: 896*504 (true 16:9)

    Viewport fit: Auto

    Fullscreen mode: Letterbox scale (I have also tested Letterbox integer scale, seem)

    Fullscreen quality: High (same with low)

    Orientation: Landscape

    Sampling: Point

    Pixel rounding: Checked

    Enable WebGL: Checked

    Use High-DPI display: Checked

    Enhanced acceleration: Checked

    Downscaling quality: Low (I also tested High, seem)

    Clear background: Unchecked

    What did I do?

    1:I exported the game by: Android Studio, Phonegap, Cocoon, directly on construct 3

    2:I disabled WebGL

    3:I disabled Admob

    4:I disabled Local Storage

    5:I disabled minify script

    6:I exported the game with the minimum android version 5+, 6+, 7+, 8+

    7:I dislabled preload sound

    8:I changed the first layout

    9:I deleted the keyboard and other things that work only on pc

    10:I disabled google play service

    11:I disabled AJAX

    I exported my game with all of these changes, and it steel not working (black screen)...

    I really need help... I exported my game on google play, my version is online and I want to solve it quickly.

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  • I have a similar problem with my last game, moving the game music from music folder to sound folder was the workaround for me, try that.

  • Thank you for your answer! It work perfectly for the first layout! But, when I go to an other layout, I see the game just for one second and turn black... Is the game overstuffed by sounds and musics? I have 8 sounds and 3 musics...

  • lol i had the same problem, it was fixed when reopened anyway, but it was anoying. The music to sound folder fixed it.

  • I finally solve the problem, thank you again for your supports!

    (the second layout didn't work because of Admob but it solved now)

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