Black for a while before loading screen?

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  • Hi there

    I've published a few games before via html5 to browser and a couple of my latest games show a black screen for quite a long time

    (long enough to wonder if anything is there, especially when presented via an iframe)

    before the built in 'construct splash screen' comes on.

    Then usually the actual loading bar is very fast

    Is there a way to speed up that initial step to getting to the splash screen. point being it wouldn't feel as long waiting as long as the user can see the loading bar.

    here's a direct link to a game where it seems to happen


  • Yeah, there have been complaints about this.

    Check preload sounds option. Not sure how it works in latest version, but sounds could be loading before the actual loader layout resulting in a long wait. Which is insane actually. Sounds should load at the same time images are loaded, after you see the custom pre loader layout.

    Solution, not to preload sounds, I guess ( pre-load each sound without playing somewhere after loader layout shows up and before you actually need them )

    Second thing to check is spritesheeting. For example I use sprite fonts to display loaded percentages, but if I use the same sprite font elsewhere in the game Construct will, on export, bundle this sprite font with some huge ass background images, or whatever it feels like doing, so again, a longer than necessary wait to load images not needed to see the loader layout

    Solution: set max sprite sheet size to 1024 ( if it does not affect the rest of the game ) or use a different sprite font only for loader layout ( or basically make sure somehow that first loader layout images are not on the same sprite sheet with some other huge images from the rest of the game ).

  • Had this problem and, as BadMario says (awesome name btw), disabling preload sounds fixed it for me.

  • Thanks for the replies! (not sure why I didn't get my email updates about them)

    I'll defiantly try that

  • The first thing to check is actually to check for errors in browser when loading your game.

    Using the console's browser, there is an error and several warnings raised from gamearter-gameplayer.js, which has nothing to do with Construct, but seems to be some extra SDK you are using possibly to host your game and display through an iFrame of sorts.

    As far as I'm thinking, this could be where the issue is coming from.

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  • Hey thanks for this

    If it continues to be an issue I'll look at it from that angle too!

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