Black bottom bar on exported iOS game. Help

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  • Tell me, who faced this problem and how it can be solved on their own until they made an update?

    Can someone tell me how to get around this problem quickly? Since without its solution it is impossible to pass the test in the AppStore.

    The problem is already a problem, you can get acquainted with it here:


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  • After dancing with a tambourine, I managed to solve the problem as follows.

    Find the file: consentform.html

    and replace the top line with the same extended one:

    <meta name = "viewport" content = "viewport-fit = cover, initial-scale = 1, maximum-scale = 1, user-scalable = no, width = device-width">

    Find the second file: CDVWKWebViewEngine.m

    Add code to Cordova-wkwebview-engine \ SRC \ IOS \ CDVWKWebViewEngine.m between line 99-100,

    // re-create WKWebView, since we need to update configuration

    WKWebView * wkWebView = [[WKWebView alloc] initWithFrame: self.engineWebView.frame configuration: configuration];

    // add begin


    if (@available (iOS 11.0, *)) {

    [wkWebView.scrollView setContentInsetAdjustmentBehavior: UIScrollViewContentInsetAdjustmentNever];



    // add end

    wkWebView.UIDelegate = self.uiDelegate;

    self.engineWebView = wkWebView;

    * - 99 is deleted as it duplicates the first line of this code.

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