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  • Surprise! This isn't a feature request!* ... e.c3p?dl=0

    Two examples of different bitwise methods for autotiling, created in C3.

    Layout 1 uses edge based bit indexing for "whole" tiles, generally side view/platformers. Includes single event version on layout start, and also a more readable version that uses more events to draw tiles with the mouse. Both use the same method described at

    Layout 2 is more complicated and uses corner based bit indexing for "half" tiles, usually used for top down views. Starcraft is an example of a game that used this method. As with the first example, I included both single event and multiple event versions. This method is great when used with layered transparent tilemaps - one for each terrain, such has dirt, grass, forest, mountain ect. ref: ... n-a-tile-m

    Bonus - I also included a nifty lightweight way to make a "animated" tiling water illusion where it should basically be impossible to see the tiles (0 events, 2 tiled backgrounds, sine behaviors).

    * Just kidding, I lied. Here are a few tilemap feature requests: Tilemap.Tilesize expression, and also Tilemap For Each Tile condition (along with curx, cury, like arrays). Honestly probably not widely needed/used and obviously there are workarounds, but they would be nice to have.

    I'm going to use this opportunity for a shameless plug for an unrelated expression that WOULD be very useful, as many mobile games take advantage of this feature. I imagine it would be easy to implement as well - System expression for Unix Timestamp to keep track of "offline" time

  • This is extremely cool! I also love the animated water effect. Very creative.

  • Thanks!

    Now that you brought this up I took a look and it looks like there was an update that changed the way mouse over tilemap worked since I made it. Fixed it so it should work again now (you should be able to draw new tiles anywhere).

    Seems like the "Cursor is over object" condition now requires a collision box to be true? I think it used to be bounding box for the tilemap.

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  • Very useful thanks.

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