Could there be a bit more "sexy" *.exe compilation ?

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  • I understand that it takes too much effort to compile javascript natively to *.exe,

    but it an in-between solution possible ?

    Where the files are a bit more cryted and compressed and maybe lesser files without an additional node kit installer ?

    Even if it's not natively it would be great, if exe name and symbols are aligned to the software and there is not too much additional stuff hanging on.

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  • Scirra is going to have their own in house build service that can export out Xcode source code of the game to build on the IOS platform. This is good stuff right here. However....what i'm wondering is why don't they also do the same thing with desktop exports but with automation so that it can build it all natively? That way we can directly build Mac .apps via Xcode, and PC .exe via VS Studio and no longer have to rely on NW.js anymore.

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