Biginners tutorial doesnt work!!!

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  • So I started the beginners tutorial and first up it mentions clicking on link for Ghost Shooter full game to test what we will be building. When I try to play it gives me a Javascript error asking me to check the Javascript.

    "Hello, I'm a beginner! How do I do that? Great beginners tutorial for BEGINNERS! Haha

    Anyhow, I guess ill go ahead and just try to build the game myself and see if it works.

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  • That sounds odd. What was the exact text of the error message? It's hard to help without specific details like that.

  • The message I received when playing the game was "Failed to load JavaScript code used in events. Check all your JavaScript code has valid syntax."

    Since then I have programmed the game myself and it works fine. Although I have noticed that Construct 3 is a bit unstable, it has bugs. Often when I run script it just loads a black screen then ill close the window and run it again and it works also another thing i noticed when programming the beginner tutorial game it instructs me to put the bullet and explosion off the edge of the layout and that will occasionally throw an error so if I move the bullet and the explosion onto the layout the game will run, other times the game will run with the bullet and explosion off the layout.

    So I'm guessing something simple like the bullet and explosion issue is causing the problem in the demonstration game but I really couldn't be bothered having a look since it only takes about 20 minutes to put the game together myself.

    But apart from the little things Construct is great very easy and understandable to develop games in, I was trying out GameMaker Studio before this which is good but I think Construct is better, I,m probably going to purchase Construct for my future projects after I get more familiar with it.

  • Make sure to update your graphic card drivers :

    When encountering a black screen, use the browser's console to check for errors :

    With this, you should have further clues as to what is happening and possibly even fix stability issues.

    Make sure to also possibly disable your browser's extensions when using Construct, they might be the one causing stability issues.

  • Try clearing your browser cache. It sounds like a bug we fixed several months ago.

  • Well, my graphics driver is definitely up to date, and Construct is up to date.

    Yeah the black screen issue is definitely a bug and it happens regularly, I did work out that there is a lag for Construct to update changes so I'm guessing it's just writing the script in the background it's different to what I'm used to when using GameMaker Studio that's instant with both GML and DnD. All is good now I understand whats going on.

    Thank You

  • Ok, so far every time iv logged on iv encountered problems, this time I can't access any of the learning material. I'm receiving another error. "The server returned a 500 exception. This has been recorded and will be looked at by an engineer shortly. Sorry!"

    It seems like a lot of errors all the time!

    I cant buy this program if it doesn't work properly!

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