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  • Hi all,

    The size of my project exports has jumped from a tiny 500kB to a whopping 3.6MB. I'd added in about half a meg of audio, but that shouldn't have caused such an increase.

    On looking in the export folder I notice there is now a new JS file called "ffmpeg" in there that accounts for the bulk of the increase (about 2.6MB). A quick google suggests that this is some sort of multimedia handler so I'm guessing it's there because of those new audio files I added. This is quite a big jump - I like to try and keep my projects to under a couple of MB if possible to keep downloads super quick, so is this file necessary if I'm dealing with just audio files and not other media or can I delete it?

    I also noticed that this latest export was having trouble loading on my iOS devices (iPad2, iPad mini2), getting stuck on the loading bar but not on Android, Desktop, Silk. I'm using a loader layout and preloading sounds. Could this be related? If it's not, I'll report it as a bug.

    Edit: I'm using Safari on iOS and Chrome on everything else to test.

  • mekonbekon Hi there! The ffmpeg.js script is a minimal port of the ffmpeg library which we use to allow WebM Opus audio files to work in pretty much every browser.

    It is required primarily for Safari, although it is expected that Safari will support WebM Opus in the future, as it's been chosen as a standard for peer to peer audio/visual for web browsers (think skype in your browser).

    It runs on start up to decode audio files (only if required) so it is possible that your preloading is upsetting it, but report a bug anyway so we can look into it.

    The increased size is a bit of a downside, but the script compresses quite well (~670KB) so it shouldn't be a problem so long as your project is served over gzip. Also it means you don't have to include multiple audio formats any more to get complete browser support, so once you get past a few audio files you may find the export is actually smaller than what C2 would produce.

    For comparison a 2 minutes audio track:

    Raw audio

    pcm = 21MB

    C2 export

    aac = 2MB

    ogg = 1.2MB

    C3 export

    opus = 1.8MB

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  • Nepeo

    Thanks for the quick reply. I guess that means I'd better not delete it

    I'll have a fiddle around with my loading layout and preloading tonight to see if I can narrow down the issue, and log it as a bug.

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