Big Blur effect ported from C2 to C3

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  • Hi, I'm interest to your effect and I've just tested your effect with your .c3p test file but I have a problem.

    the sprite doesn't appear at all into the editor as long as the effect is applied to the sprite:

    if remove at least one effect I do start to see something:

    if I run the project with both effects I don't see anything:

    it appears it work if I use one effect at the time only.

    Hope this help you.

  • rraffo Interesting - what platform are you running your test on? I see something similar on iOS.

    I have an idea that it may have to do with using glsl function clamp with srcOriginStart and srcOriginEnd. When I stack effects, I think C3 may do interesting things with srcOriginStart and srcOriginEnd (like flip the Y axis or something, so I cannot rely srcOriginEnd.y to be bigger than srcOriginStart.y.) I observe this using Spector.js and my test project.

    Ashley does that make sense - srcOriginStart.* will not always be less than srcOriginEnd.* depending on whether intermediate rendering is required to a different FB, because of effect stacking? So, I would not be able to use clamp(vTexNew,srcOriginStart, srcOriginEnd) instead to do a clamp on y for a texture sample address, I would need to use min(srcOriginStart.y, srcOriginEnd.y) and max(srcOriginStart.y, srcOriginEnd.y) and do separate compares to 'clamp' a texture sample to the edge of the image (original texture or texture used as FB?)

  • Hello Mikal, I did a quick test with an old Windows 7 PC.

    Actually what I see is that the sprite appears but it looks almost transparent and invisible.

    thanks for your attention.

  • rraffo I updated the clamp function, so it should handle effect stacks across platforms more consistently. Please try again with the new versions (

    It now also works for me on iOS.

    For others with this issue here's what I changed:

    	mediump vec2 newTex = vTex + vec2(halfPixelHeight, pos * realSizeH);
    	newTex.x = clamp(newTex.x,min(srcOriginStart.x, srcOriginEnd.x),max(srcOriginStart.x, srcOriginEnd.x));
    	newTex.y = clamp(newTex.y,min(srcOriginStart.y, srcOriginEnd.y),max(srcOriginStart.y, srcOriginEnd.y));

    Also, it seems like pixelSize is not relatively consistent across an effect stack, one way around this is to set the opacity of the object to 99%, so the effects in the effect stack then have consistent pixelSize. Otherwise you may need to use different H and V scaling for the blur.

  • Yes Mikal it works perfectly now. I did try version.


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  • I know it is out of topic but I'm curious to know why when you did update the addon I didn't received any notification even if I'm following you.

    Is the "following" feature working correctly or I do need to set up something more to gen a notification?

    The notification panel show me everything is checked.

    thanks for help.

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