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  • Is it actually impossible to make beta releases backwards compatible with stable builds? I just want to know if there's a way to add all of the new features and bug fixes in such a way that we don't lock our games in beta versions that a third-party plugin(s) can break on install.

    Maybe just disabling our events/actions that were only possible in later versions (wouldn't that just be a state-change for that particular event/action block)? That way we can just make note of what's been disabled and work back around it in stable without the plugins (that we added to the beta build) that broke our save.

    I'm sincerely asking if this is reasonable, because I'm not a software engineer (yet) and I have no clue what to do with my game save until somebody helps me fix whatever I broke by installing a set of plugins (Construct Master Collection for $100) and then promptly having to uninstall them one-by-one when my game save broke. Still can't get the save to load even after uninstalling them.


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  • Beta releases are backwards-compatible with stable releases - I think you are asking to make stable releases forwards-compatible with future beta releases.

    In general this is not really possible, since we can't predict the future. For example if we add a new feature in a beta release (such as the new functions feature), the previous stable release can't know how to open projects using that feature. It can be difficult even to ignore unknown parts of the project, since everything tends to consist of a great deal of cross-references, and it would complicate verifying that the project file is actually valid (since it can't really tell the difference between an invalid/corrupt project, and a project file from the future).

  • Thanks for clarifying. I was at least able to get my game back up and running in v163 (for now).

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