Beta vs Stable Usability

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  • I was searching the forum but could not find a direct comparison. I fully know and understand that beta releases are not fully tested and therefore might not be as reliable. But I might be mistaken to see that some cool features are on the beta path vs the stable path.

    So my question would be. Is there anyone preferring the beta over the stable. Is there a real world advantage and how stable would it be or would you only suggest it for prototyping.

    Last question, is the c3 project file safe from corruption with just a backup cause I see only the beta version allows multiple files for something like Git.

    I have discovered Construct during lockdown and I have only been using the software a few months on and off and still learning so If my questions are irrelevant or wrong please guide me where possible.

    Tom & Ashley, I wish I had found your product earlier in life its amazing coming from Game maker studio. Keep up the good work!

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  • I'd say use the stable, unless there is a specific feature in the beta you want to use right away.

    Generally speaking the betas are wrapped up into a stable release within 2 months or so.

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