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  • Hi everyone,

    I want to create an intro sequence for my mobile game. Now I wonder how to achieve this most efficiently. The options are as follows:

    - Creating an intro in C3 using layouts and event sheets, then recording it with a screen capturing software, then use the video plugin to show it (Pro: Easy to use as I know C3, Con: Maybe bad resolution?)

    - Using another software to create an intro, then use the video plugin to show it (Pro: More editing features than C3, Con: I'll have to learn how to use it)

    I need the intro in a video format, so that I can use it on YouTube etc. as well. Has someone any experience in creating intro sequences? Any recommendations on which software to use? Are there any caveats when using the C3 video plugin?

  • If it is an intro sequnce to be shown inside the game I don't see a need for a captured video that will result in massive mb increase. Just make the sequence on its own layout and event sheet and save lots of app size. Then if you want to capture that scene for youtube etc you can do that with softwares like Streamlabs OBS.

  • Thanks for the reply. I doubt it will work that easy, as using in-game cutscenes might be confronted with the problem that sprites must be loaded when the layout changes, which might lead to stuttering during the sequence (while the sound keeps playing, probably).

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  • your cutscene should be on it's own layout. Unless its simple and you want it to overlay the action.

    there's no reason to make multiple layouts unless you break it up by cutscene 1, cutscene 2 etc...

  • jobel Yes, this is what I am about to do. Multiple cutscenes will follow one after another, while the sound keeps playing. Maybe I can do same magic with the 'Load layout images' action.

  • each layout should have it's own cutscene and should end with the same feel of ending a chapter and with music fading out. Or at least a natural break.

    but you could maybe overlap the music between layouts you just couldn't have any "hits" or sync points in the music since you don't know how long it will take to load each layout.

    the alternative is to make video cutscenes which would require immense storage and completely non-interactive.

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