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Casino? money? who knows? but the target is the same!
  • I am proud to announce that I made a

    Complete course on how to use Construct 3, and is live on Udemy.

    First 10 lucky student will be able to grab it at a bargain price of 10$, instead of 145$: SOLD OUT

    new link due to popular demand: another 10 for 10$ : SOLD OUT

    Final 5 coupons at 10$:

    The course is a sequel of my bestselling course :

    You will learn:

      How to use construct 3 How to make a flappy bird clone How to make a fully featured platformer game How to make a match 3 game How to make a pseudo 3d game How to make a multiplayer game How to make physics games How to make a tower defence game How to export to mobile/desktop and many more
  • Hi Paala,

    I just enrolled in your new course. It seems very interesting also get a very nice five star score already.

    I like to create a learning tool for our daughter Karabo (8) just to reherse her schoolwork in a fun way of learning. I hope your course put me on my way.

    Thank you for sharing your information with us.


  • I also purchased the course but I don't see any of the resources you use in the class.

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  • There is clearly mentioned that there are no resources in this class yet on the Udemy course. For me it is not a problem because creating or choosing the graphics ourself let us make our own creative results from the same course.

    Maybe we have to draw our own graphics, which is a very good exercise. As a second option you can buy the graphics here also on the Scirra website.

    I remember from earlier tutorials, there are flappy bird graphics in the media files, coming with Construct 2.

    If you make the graphics yourself, you will get a better idea.

    I like this course very much so I can recommend it to others too who are serious in learning Construct 3.


    By the way, our daughter Karabo did put the smileys on this reply. hello from Karabo

  • I will add the codes and art soon.

  • Just picked it up. Glad I was able to use the coupon!

  • Source codes and art added.

    Also the coupons are sold out now.

    But I have good news for you. Due to popular demand I decided to make another 10 coupons at this lowest price possible:

  • Thank you for putting the art up so quickly.

  • Only 5 coupons remaining...

  • Udemy is also having a $10 sale for the next 5 hours. If the coupons run out, and you act fast tonight, you can get this course for $10. I'm on Pacific time and it is 6:00pm Friday. I think the course is definitely $10 and I've signed up for it already. After the sale and coupons are over, the price goes up to $145.

    By the way, the course now has been updated and the code and art are available. The course has 108 lectures and a total of 7 hours, which is a lot! The game covers how to make a Flappy Bird clone, a platformer, and a match-3 games. And even has 6 lectures devoted to exporting to Android!

    I can recommend this course and I feel he'll update the course as Construct 3 changes (after all, Construct 3 is still in beta).

    I like this course especially because I want to learn what the changes are between Construct 2 and Construct 3.

  • I like this course also very much. The author makes a lot of efforts to make things clear and is easy to follow. His Romanian english accent add a personal touch to the course.

    He also share very much of his experience and knowledge with his students.

    Wanting to know more of C3, this is the course for you. Especially the lack of a manual makes this course even more worthwhile.

  • I forgot to add that Udemy has lots of sales for courses all the time. One trick I've noticed is that sometimes sales are only on Udemy as read through a browser, sometimes only through the Android/iOS app, and sometimes only if you're not logged in and they think you are a new user. Right now the course is on sale for "new students" for $10. If you are not logged in, start signing up for the course. You'll get the temporary "new student" coupon. Then log in to pay for the course and attach it to your account. Almost every course I've bought has been $10 because they have such great discounts.

    Yes, I do know that this means less money in Mihai Morosanu's pocket, but my observation is that many of the customers of Construct 3 can barely afford the cost of the product, let alone a class that costs more than the product. Fortunately for Mihai, most of the world isn't reading this post and may happily buy his course. The course right now has 33 students but I hope many more will sign up at whatever price they can afford. I'm retired, so every penny I can save, I need to!

  • Thanks for your course and a coupon! You have a cool accent, is it really Romanian? I'm also not a native speaker but everything is clear though your speaking is quite slow for me and it's more comfortable to use 1.25 speed in videos

  • I was in 1998 in Romania (Drobeta-Turnu-Severin) and believe me, the accent is Romanian.

  • Well I have to admit that I am from Romania.

    Udemy has some regular offers for 10$. But I highly encourage you to use the link in the first post so I can get 10$ and not split half with Udemy.


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