Best approach on making a mini map of a level?

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  • Hello all, Im planning on making an actual visual mini map for the levels on my game so it would help the player navigate better while playing. I would like to know some good approachable way for this because I have many different levels in my game. I would like to know how to actually show a portion of the map during gameplay and make this work for my game.

    The black lines in the gif on the map are not in the actual game, this is just the gif doing that.


  • The simplest way would be to actually have a minimap sprite object that is a zoomed out picture of your actual map, and crop it with blending modes.

    An alternative for really huge maps that might be more efficient is to use a tilemap with single pixel tiles. This could be good in a game where the main map is built from tiles in the first place.

  • Thanks, so how would I be able to show just the area of the map the player is in? Like it would be a big size map and if I take a zoomed out pic of it, it's just going to show a small portion of it in the circle map I have for my game in the gif I posted. Like if my player is passing a big square area in the map, I want it to show the big square area and it's surroundings the player is in at.

  • Check out the Blend Modes example.

    The one you'll be interested in is Source In. To set up, the mask and the map should be on the same layer, with the force own texture property checked. The mask should be at the bottom of the layer, while the map is on top. The mask has no blending option set, and the map is Source In. The filled in opaque of the mask are what will show, and the transparent areas will not be visible.

    You will move your map sprite object according to how the player moves, scaled to however your minimap scale is compared to your actual layout. Alternatively you might be able to do it with parallax settings on the minimap layer.

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  • Defiantly will try and last question. So I have a huge level(s). How do u take a pic or a zoomed out pic of the whole entire level? I did not use tile map for my game.

  • Zoom out in the layout editor.

    Or just draw it.

  • Oh okay, thanks for the help and advice.

  • You might want to check out the incredible examples from dop2000. There are a couple on minimaps like this one:

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