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  • I've never knew which approach to take in order to achieve the best performance when it comes to animated VFX object. Should I use one single object holding all vfx animations or several objects for each one?

    I believe that when you create an object, all animations are loaded in memory, so creating a bunch of these objects unnecessarily holding all animations could take too much memory, but I don't know if it's true.

    Basically, the question is: create the vfx object holding all animations in the game and setting its animation accordingly, or creating the spcefic object with that animation only?

    In my opinion 100 objects holding all animations in the game have a worst performance than 100 objects holding its own animation only but I'm not sure.

  • You probably wouldn't notice any performance difference either way. There will definitely be an organizational difference for your workflow though.

    First thing that comes to mind is that if you decide to use a single object only and later you find you want to remove some frames from each animation to improve performance (or lengthen certain ones), it would be a nightmare to find and re-reference all the correct frames in your event sheet.

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  • You can create objects by name in construct 3 so there'S no reason to put them all in the same object

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