Based on the event table, is it possible to present a representation of the code?

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  • You can see how the event table is represented in JSON,

    is it possible that there are specific scripting rules that developers can choose from.

    Those who like the event table can continue to use the event table. Those who use code form can use code form themselves.

    The setting of special grammatical rules.

    For example, convert the above event table to:

    	if Keyboard.on-key-pressed(116):
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  • What I’m trying to say is that it’s not really code, it’s just a literal representation of the event table. You Don’t need it to have JS capabilities. It’s a literal representation of the event table, not the code!

    You might say there is JS. Don’t worry about the code form of the event table.

    But today it’s aimed at people who can do it on their own.

    The textual form of the event table, on the other hand, provides direct access to all the things that the event table can do.

    For example: all properties and methods of all behavior. JS can only access a small amount of behavior that exists in the API documentation

    All properties of all objects

    All of Syetem’s behavior and expressions

    All properties and expressions of the special effect

    All properties and expressions of particles

    (What I’m trying to say is, anything you can do in the event table, you can do here, because it’s just the text of the event table)

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