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  • I'm trying to open a game that was made in contruct 2, it's saved in (* capx) and in construct 2 it runs fine and everything, but when I want to open it in construc 3 it asks me to install some plugins called layout trasition from hmmg but I can not find them anywhere for construct 3, and it is that in contruct2 the apk can no longer be generated because the play store does not accept it, someone could help me thanks ...

    buenas estoy tratando abrir un juego que se hizo en contruct 2, esta guardado en (*capx) y en construct 2 corre bien y todo, pero cuando lo quiero abrir en construc 3 me pide unos que instale unos plugins llamados layout trasition de hmmg pero no los encuentro por ningun lado para construct 3, y es que en contruct2 ya no se puede generar el apk por que no lo acepta la play store, alguien podria ayudarme gracias...

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  • jleiva please note that this is an English-language forum, so you should be posting in English. Google translate is fine if English is not your first language.

  • I could not find the needed plugin either, I suggest you open the Project in Construct2 and remove/change the parts where the plugin is used, then try reopening it in Construct3.

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