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  • hi guys i need your help. on ios is it possible to use chooser files to load music present in the device? on android I use clicked chooser file- audio add remote File Chooser.FileURLAt. it's all working perfectly. on ios no. I know you can use local storage to preload music, my app expects users to upload their own music. Is there any way to make it work on ios?


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  • WebM Opus is the only audio file format that is guaranteed to play on all platforms. If you let the user choose their own audio file and the platform doesn't support that format, it won't work.

  • hi ashley it's a pleasure. ok that's clear. but if the ios user had webm opus format audio files in their device, would the operation work? or on IOS it is impossible regardless? because from ipad air 4 I tried to click on file chooser, but from browser chrome and safari it does not give me the possibility to select the file. that's what I don't understand. it is a problem only of ios because on mac os it works regularly. I would like to understand. Thank you

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