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  • It's very obvious to me that you are being trolled because you made one person mad. And they are trying their best and telling everyone this engine sucks and go spam their forum saying every post how they can't make anything without plugins, which all these plugins just puts two line of code into one line of code. Or give you little input boxes instead of you having to find the expression yourself. As a paying customer of construct 2 and 3. I congratulate you guys on a job well done. Construct 3 is simply awesome, more robust, and user friendly. It's truly is all the little changes here and there that I can really focus on other parts of game making instead of well anyway. I am so happy I went to Construct 3.

    I am a very honest person. I'm often direct to the point and no nonsense. And to me these forums are very slowly turning into Steam forums if you guys don't get more rules and good moderation.

    ** remember there are people out there that literally will do anything to make money by drawing attention to themselves, making them look like the good guy. I can't believe you let that one guy call you guys pathetic for not fixing rex_rainbow plugin for him. Lol Who the oil fracking is this dude?

    -John Michael M

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