Ashley please do not remove C2 runtime

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  • C2 runtime might not be important for desktop but it is critical for iOS and Android.

    C3 runtime only works on iOS 12 and does not work on many devices that are on Android 5 and 6. Also WebGL2 crashes on many Mali gpu that are below chrome 74.

    According to Google (Stats have not been updated in almost a year), Android 5.0 to 6.0 is on over 30% devices. According to Apple, 7% of all iPhones and 16% of all iPads are on less than ios 12

    Most major publishers publish games that work on Android 5.0+ and iO10+.

    With C3 runtime we will lose a lot of potential customers and this will make it very difficult for major publishers to consider publishing Construct games.

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  • According to Apple's stats, 93% of all devices are using iOS 12+. By July 2021 iOS 14 will have been out for some time, so that number will have increased even more. I'd also add that the C3 runtime could have supported iOS 11 if there weren't such terrible iOS bugs in that version, so our inability to support that version of iOS is actually Apple's fault. Anyway with such broad support already and the fact it's only increasing, it's hard for us as a small team to justify keeping around tens of thousands of lines of ancient code just for a small and shrinking percentage of devices. I don't see why publishing a game to "only" 95%+ of devices is a problem; you'll never reach exactly 100% so you have to draw the line somewhere, and this seems reasonable.

    For Android, StatCounter have more up-to-date stats and they show Androd 5-6 support is at 17% and falling. As far as we are aware C3 games still run fine on the vast majority of these devices. They only need to have had a software update any time in the past ~3 years. There are various issues with Android having out-of-date software, buggy drivers, or other misconfiguration problems - this has always been the case, and in some cases they also stop C2 games running too. It's mainly because Android is kind of a mess, especially in the old versions. Again it's the same kind of story: these numbers are falling and will inevitably become irrelevant. Even if you published only for Android 7+ (which shouldn't be necessary), you'd still be covering over 80% of devices. There will always have been and always will be bugs and issues to deal with - once again we can't justify keeping around a huge amount of old code just because a small and shrinking number of old Android devices are misconfigured. Even if you set a fairly high minimum version, you can still cover the vast majority of all devices.

  • C2 runtime should certainly be retired in the future. I just think 2021 is too early because it really is necessary for iOS and Android. It is fine not to add anything new to it. Switching to C3 runtime involves us getting a lot of 1 star reviews and losing customers.

    I just think that C2 runtime should not be retired for few more years. I hope you reconsider.

  • I'd point out that in the past, people have blamed all their 1-star reviews on the Android WebView update problem, when there didn't seem to be any good evidence that the problem caused most or even some of the reviews. There are other reasons that apps can fail to run, notably graphics driver bugs which have been a big source of problems for years due to poor quality software by the vendors, and these also affect C2 runtime games. So unfortunately compatibility problems like this are more or less a fact of life for Android publishing. If you're really worried about it, setting higher minimum requirements should help with both C2 and C3 runtime games. It's not specific to the C3 runtime nor is it solely because of the WebView version, which is another reason we can't justify making decisions on this basis.

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