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  • Hello! I would like to know what happens to trigger (on peer messages) when several are received by the host at the same time in the same tag ????

    whereas no messages are lost and all arrive at the host and each trigger executes a function in the player that the sent (from the host side), there is the possibility of a trigger (being all the same within the same tag) overlap the other ??

    so that one of the players that sent the message does not suffer the action executed by the trigger ???

    ps: compare the player on the host side using the expression

    (on peer message. tag "a")


    .... sorry for the errors of English. I'm Brazilian ... I used google translate.

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  • In Construct, all triggers are synchronous. This means no matter what happens, they always run one after the other - there is never any "overlap" or parallel execution. However the order is not necessarily guaranteed, especially with networking if you don't have ordered delivery.

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