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  • I'm curios as to why the array editor works the way it works.

    At first I couldn't even find it, and searching the forum showed that someone else had the same troubles before.

    I assume most users expect the editor to open up on any of the array objects in the project bar, as those are the ones we are using and the ones we would like to edit.

    Having to create a new files in the files folder in order to open the editor and then not still not being able to use the entered values right away without loading them somehow is not exactly intuitive.

    I'll probably get the hang of it, but I was kind of disappointed to learn about this clunky workflow.

    Ideally this is something I would like to happen "under the hood", so I can just right click and edit an array object, just like any other object and access the array without further steps required.

    Is there a technical reason for this?

  • The array object as a data structure is defined and created at runtime. You can have multiple instances of these, of different sizes (shapes). It starts out emtpy, and it's contents can change during runtime.

    The array editor creates a file that describes the contents of an array. It is fixed, and doesn't change during runtime.

    The array editor is a (relatively) new feature of Construct, it didn't exist in Construct 2. Before, you would need to create your array in a third party program/format, import it as a project file, and parse it properly to load it into a runtime array. The array editor gives you a built in way to create these files in a compatible format you don't have to worry about parsing. You can think of it as a built in, lightweight Excel.

    Basically arrays as objects can be more flexible than just loading one static set of data (even if you don't use them that way in your particular application). So rather than 1 step "Create array with these specific contents.", its "1. Create an array, 2. Define the contents".

  • Thanks, that makes good sense. I guess I was simply looking at it from a beginner's perspective, or let's say from an artist's perspective rather than a developer's. I understand that arrays are more flexible and will be used dynamically, which is their strongsuit after all.

    The necessity of the ajax plugin and the use of the request and load actions is slightly more complex than I like it, but I can see how this makes sense for more experienced users.

    Beginners would probably appreciate something like a simple action for the array to directly load the json file, or even to be able to drag and drop the json from the files folder onto the array object in the project bar..

    The documentation on this is seriously lacking in my opinion. The editor is a feature advertising the paid plan. But I wasn't able to find a proper tutorial or any mention of the ajax.last data expression. When you're new to Construct and there's no explanation given, it's almost impossible to figure it out without some Youtuber walking you through the steps. :/

  • I put a suggestion in for you which you can add votes to -

    The manual entry on arrays where it talks about the array editor does have a link to the AJAX object's page. I can see why AJAX might be intimidating to a beginner who doesn't know what AJAX is, since it may be an unfamiliar term. It's basically a way to import data from files or or other outside sources like webpages into memory, where your game will be able to use it. You'll also need to know how expressions work.

    A step by step guide is definitely what the tutorials, written or video, are for. There's one written by the developer here -

    The bigger problem is that there is so much information out there sometimes it's hard for a beginner to know what to search for, or even ask the right question (xy problems are very very common). But that's what the forums are for!

  • Ahh yes, I remember getting confused by this when I first transitioned to C3. Nowadays I wouldn't even think twice about how to access the editor.

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  • Thanks a million, oosyrag, I appreciate it!

  • Ahh yes, I remember getting confused by this when I first transitioned to C3. Nowadays I wouldn't even think twice about how to access the editor.

    Haha, that’s what I’m hoping to say at some point ;)

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