(apparent) Android APK build issue not able to duplicate with C3 itself.

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  • EDIT #3: It was a super-duper subtle bug, but it was a bug. I had crititcal strikes based on double and quadruple damage and that is what my attacks were based off of. However, there was no code for attacking while neither you or the enemy not having 2x or 4x the speed. My bad. However, since some people looked at this, I figured I'd update this and then delete in a little bit.

    I'm so near the completion of my game the light at the end of the tunnel is visible.

    That said, there is a glitch when I use the android (signed released APK) build that I don't experience when I use either the Preview build or Debug build from C3 itself. When the android build starts, it works as intended until it just decides to ignore basic math. (The game takes the players attack and subtracts the enemies defense and vise versa.) I haven't been able to duplicate it off my phone and it just eventually happens on the android build. Is this an issue with APKs?

    EDIT: Also, I've tried to use the USB debug mode with my phone hooked up to my computer, but I can't seem to get that to work, as in I have no output information displayed to tell me what the game is doing.

    EDIT #2: Of course after I post this and after 4.5 hours of play-testing, it finally duplicated it on Debug mode. This time, no matter what the attack or defense is for the player or the enemy, I'll always receive 0 damage and do 8.

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