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  • Heya

    I just received an email from Apple stating that my latest build was rejected. When I checked the resolution centre, it stated that the app crashed on start.

    As this was a very minor update, I decided to experiment with simple script minify, whereas before I had left it unchecked.

    I'll upload a version today with script minify off, but as it takes at least 24 hours for a review to go through, I thought I would post this here in case I'm missing something else, or, if it is the script minify, maybe start a discussion on what's causing the crash.

    Might be worth pointing out that I exported through Xcode.

  • That error appears to indicate a crash in native code, so would be nothing to do with JavaScript. It could be a bug in iOS itself.

  • Okay, well I uploaded another version today, so will see if I have any better luck with that one. I guess the only other real difference on this version to the previous, successful one was that I switched to the beta channel and used the moveTo behaviour on an object.

    Will update tomorrow I guess.

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  • Had no luck with removing the script minify. So I reverted back to 164.3 and added the same code that I had in the rejected versions, minus the use of moveTo behaviour.

    Just ran it through xcode then and it seemed to launch without issue off the test phone. Am uploading now, so won't have a final answer until sometime tomorrow, but atm it looks like there's something in the beta that's preventing C3 apps from launching on ios devices. I noticed a couple of closed bug reports stating similar things, and there's at least one other thread on this forum mentioning a similar issue.

    I don't have time to debug this further unfortunately.

  • This was approved when uploading through the stable channel.

    The only difference between this and the rejected version was the use of the moveTo behaviour.

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