My app got removed from play store. help...

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  • BTW I removed Interstitial and submit update. I think when I show Interstitial ad then banner and interstitial showing both on same time and that's the reason for app remove.

  • It is clearly against the rules to show ads on app close (like on app back button pressed). You risk to be permanently banned.

  • Yes, I removed it and submit update.

  • again my app got rejected

    with this email they also send attachment.

    This time they did highlight those lines.

    attached image

  • It still seems like your privacy policy are in some drive that needs a login? Have you uploaded it to a website?

    You must change the links in both admob console and google play console

  • where do I upload? I don't have any website.

  • Websites are fairly cheap these days, might be worth getting one if you're aiming to publish games to make money.

    You might be able to find a free website like Wix or something.

  • But why is this game getting removed. I have other games too with the same privacy link and those are approved without any issue. There might be issues with ads.

  • any idea?

  • Hey, try saving your privacy policy document as a PDF file on google drive, then share the link for the pdf as the link for your privacy policy. Make sure the link is set as viewable by "anyone with the link" (but no editable). Works for me. It is also a good idea to actually read that privacy policy you generated from a random website, you can make some editing if relevant.

    Then for your Ad situation, you have told Play Store that your app is suitable for children, then you must make sure that the ads on your AdMob account are also configured for that age range.

    On you AdMob account, go to APP, choose the app in question, and go to BLOCKING CONTROLS. Have you explored this section of admob? It is really important.

    Go to SENSITE CATEGORIES and make sure they are all disable if because none of them will be accepted by play store if you target children. Even ads like TIK TOK cannot be showed to kids... I have learned that the hard way.

    You can also explore GENERAL CATEGORIES and see if there is any other category you want/need to hide.

    The easiest way is actually just going to AD CONTENT RATING and changing the audience target, like this:

    but be aware that decreasing the suitable-age target on admob can decrease your revenue ($)... So I give you 2 suggestions to find a balance:

    ON the Play Developer Console, on the left menu go to Policy > App Content:

    find CONTENT RATING and take a new test, this time check at least a couple of boxes like "my app has mild offensive language, mild violence, reference to farts... etc etc" this is just to change your app from being rated for ALL ages (like 4 year old kids) to kids over 10, or 12, or 14, depending on how you do the test. You can redo this test as much as needed. This will mostly not affect your downloads, since most kids dont have parental guidance anyway, but then the play store will tolerate Ads for older ages, like ads with references to kissing etc... (TIK TOK ads are for teens). THIS IS THE NICE GOOD GUY WAY OF DOING IT


    On AdMob, change your Ad Content Rating to GENERAL AUDIENCES (everyone) and then send you app update for the store. WAIT FOR IT TO BE APPROVED AND PUBLISHED, then you can go back to AdMob and change your Ad audience back to MATURE or TEENS if you like. Usually the person that reviews your app update on the store just needs to see the situation at that given time, once its published you can change the ads and relax, but be aware at random your app might be reviewed again and that update be suspended or something... So its a better idea to mix these 2 solutions I gave you.

    I see that most of my revenue comes from Video Games ads, but lots of these ads show first-person shooter, etc, not really approved for kids. So I try to keep a rating of 10+ (age) or 14+, just so I can keep showing these profitable ads, even if my game is suitable for smaller children...

    Hope this helps

    quick edit:

    indeed you dropbox link is fuc*kd up, you might have been lucky so far but no one else can access the privacy policy with the link you provided, your privacy policy must be ready to read once the link is clicked. convert easily to PDF with google docs and share the direct link for that file

  • If you guys set your app to target children and then later change the ads to "MATURE or TEENS" you are clearly violating the rules, and you might be permanently banned. And maybe that is for the best.

  • fredriksthlm indeed

    it is violation rules but from my experience if they find out they will at most remove the app until you send a new one, but the best solution is to have the app content rating compatible with the admob ads content rating, but that might be challening since the content rating score at the store is different from admob...

    I really thought it would be ok to show tik tok ads to 12 year old... but no... how do I know whats the suitable age for tik tok ads? I have no idea and dont know how to find out, so I just do work arounds and hope everything will remaing working smoothly for a while

    the more you send app updates, more chances of google finding small policy violations

    I had an app removed when I sent an update because I used 5 consecutives exclamation marks on the store listing... (!!!!!) it was there since the first publishing, but some picky google employee wanted to show how he excel at his job

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  • I had an app removed when I sent an update because I used 5 consecutives exclamation marks on the store listing... (!!!!!) it was there since the first publishing, but some picky google employee wanted to show how he excel at his job

    If you hosted a party and someone took a shit in your house somewhere you didn't find until way later, does that make it okay?

    Or maybe that rule didn't exist before because there were some assumptions made about basic human decency and they didn't think that rule was necessary, until someone came along and proved them wrong.

  • in ad content rating I set it to General but still my app got removed. I want to remove my app from Family design but didn't find any option to remove. I also update privacy policy link which is now shared to view.

  • In order to remove your app from the design for family you have to change your Content Rating on the PLAY STORE (nothing to do with admob), as I have mentioned, take the test again to get a new rating. You will have to check some boxes that say your app has mild reference to violence or whatever, just to get it for audiences over 10 years or older.

    Your privacy policy is still not ready to view. If you want assistant try doing as suggested by people who know how to do it. Make a .pdf, on google drive, share to anyone with the link.

    Your privacy policy link takes to a one drive login screen it wont be approved. To test it yourself, open a private tab on chrome and check that link again.

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