is there anyone yet that has made a map-based turn based tactics game with construct yet?

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  • examples of map-based turn based tactics game are:

    * xcom

    * fire emblem

    * ff tactics

    * etc

    there's alot of ppl that dont understand what turn based tactics games are

    --> see

    1) have you made a prototype map-based turn based tactics game yet?

    2) do any of you where to find where to find list of map-based turn based tactics games made with this tool?

    i want to know how many hours about it'd take to make a very very basic map-based turn based tactics game

    very basic = minimal graphics, no sound needed etc. 2d or w/e, etc etc

    3) for ppl that understands this tool well, is this even the best option to make a very minimal map-based turn based tactics game?

  • 1. Sort of

    2. Those are two different subjects, but the forum has lots on both. Ask specific questions and you'll get useful answers.

    3. Construct is fine for doing this kind of thing. It's not that complicated. It does require quite a bit of understanding, and lots of work to put it together.

    Lots of work, and planning.

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  • I see you are posting this on every game engine forum you can find

    Each engine has it's strengths, and I think understanding those strengths will require more research from you then asking if someone has made the exact game you want to make on a particular engine

    A Map-Based turn based tactics game is completely possible in C3, but it's also possible in Unity, Unreal, Godot, and GameMaker, and any other modern engine

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