Anyone else running into issues trying to work on iPad with iOS 13?

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  • Hi,

    Anyone else running into odd issues trying to work on an iPad with iOS 13? Can’t scroll on the startup screen, can’t preview games in Safari running from construct on home screen with a Bluetooth Keyboard even though it works in the browser.

    Those kinds of issues


  • Is no one else trying to do this stuff on an iPad ether?

  • There's a known issue on iOS with external keyboards in a WebView. If you have C3 "added to homescreen" as recommended then previews appear in a popup WebView. For some reason iOS will not actually create keyboard events in the popup unless the user selects something that resembles a text box. If you use construct straight from Safari or use remote preview then the keyboard will work.

    Alternatively there is also an unpleasant workaround that if you add a button to the layoutview, once it has been touched by the user the keyboard will work.

    Games published to the web and run through iOS will not experience this bug.

    As it's an external Apple bug we can't do much other than wait for them to fix it. We haven't been able to find a good workaround for it unfortunately.

  • Im also running into an issue on iPad where you cannot scroll on the home screen. Not sure about the editor. The side panels for properties and objects don’t appear to be effected but this might effect editing the event sheet.

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  • I played around with the home screen, safari and Chrome. I know they’re all based on WebKit. Testing with the Homescreen I can get it to be scrollable only when I open a project. If I close the project it goes back to being non scrolling. I’ll open a bug for this.

  • I am experiencing the same scrolling issue on my iPad Pro. Can it be solved sometime soon?

  • I frequently work with Construct on the iPad and yes there's a couple of problems.

    Can't copy-paste an action into an empty sub-event. Sliding side panels esp. in the animation editor work wonky and tend to lock themselves in weird positions. There's the scrolling problems. C3 ran from homescreen logs me out every time I close it (yes the tick box is checked).

    I guess these are the kind of things that are going to be incrementally fixed over time.

  • pirx

    Can you file the issues that you have in our tracker?

    We have a lot of things to do, and often times we are not even aware of problems people are having.

  • Good point, I'll file. Glad to help make working slouched on the sofa even easier ;)

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