Anyone one else having the game stuck on loading screen after Export to iOS today?

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  • I'm testing in TestFlight app and all my builds started fine in the last few weeks, but today I'm stuck at at 0% on the "loader", before the game even start. :/

    Before submitting a bug report I would like to know if anyone else have this...?

    TestFlight dropped earlier this week, causing builds to not appear in the "TestFlight" app even if the build completed mail was received. There is evident of this on Twitter if you search for #TestFlight. It did made me go crazy a little... ...but it's not working and the builds appear in the app after 1 minute like it was the case before.

    ...but now I have this new problem.

    Could this be on Apple side? ...seems uncertain since the game doesn't even start... Or could this be something with the Construct 3 Export Server?

    I tried a build with Release 185 to know if it's still happen and it's the case so...doesn't seem to be linked to the latest beta version of Construct 3.

    Could you try a simple export Nepeo of one of your small test projects?

    Thanks to all for the answers in advance.

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