Anyone else noticing new sound/music playback issues now?

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  • I've been working on the same project for about a year, originally C2, migrated over to C3 months ago, and very recently now music files will fail to play, or play for a second then stop etc.

    I'm using the latest beta version of c3

    Especially troublesome is now this logic completely fails:

    start of layout: play and loop song1 with tag"music"

    if player collects power up> audio/stop tag"music": play song 2 with tag "music"

    Even after changing all my events which used to work fine to give all songs their own tags they still often fail, but occasionally manage to play.

    I've thought I've fixed this issue many times, only to restart the game and have the songs fail again.

    Anyone else having these issues?

    I've also replaced the files and reimported them with other formats, or used songs which always worked flawlessly before.

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