Anyone else having missing sprites or freezing games?

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  • Hi. Since I've updated to stable r164 I'm getting several reports of missing nav menu button (sprites on top layer) in my app. I tried to counter it with set z order actions but it did not help and I can't reproduce it on any of my devices. 🤔

    And I'm m still getting frozen app when I leave it running in the background for a while. I'm using iframes and I can still interact with the frame but all other actions like touch to switch layout or flashing sprites are no longer working and the app appears frozen. Almost every day my app gets 1 star reviews cause it's freezing and this fid not happen with the previous stable release.

    I created a bug report for this but Ashley could not reproduce it and console shows no error when it happens.

    Is anyone else having this issues on Android?


  • Hello,

    I have not encountered that problem. My only suggestion would be to change the Number of objects you have in your game. The more objects you have the slower the game will RUN. How many av menu buttons do you have?

  • I've not seen any mentions of any other similar issues, and r164 has been out for a few weeks now.

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  • Might be a case of having massive amounts of nav menu buttons?

  • There are only about 15 buttons/sprites used but some people sent me a screenshot showing just the black background and no sprites. But I never had this issue when testing.

    Still getting 1 star ratings almost daily cause the app freezes. :(

    PS: same happens when I debug the app in chrome, just iframe is visible no sprites or anything else.

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