Anyone else having issues with cordova to xcode?

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  • My latest builds on actual devices don't move on from the loading screen. I loaded an xcode project that I did successfully on Monday and it loaded fine. I go back and rebuild it with C3-Cordove-Xcode and then it hangs up on the loading screen. I make a simple C3 project to test, and that loads with no problem, all other more complex projects are hanging on the loading screen (except for those made prior to Tuesday). I thought it might me an issue with memory on my devices, but on my iPhone there is plenty of memory (my iPad was a bit tight).

    This is all making me think that something broke on Tuesday of this week with cordova.

    Edit to add:

    After fooling around with this, I noticed that in the projects Advanced settings, there were two things that were different from a NEW project versus an older one (not that old). They are 1. Use Worker and Cordova iOS scheme. The old default was set to: no and legacy. The new default is: auto and modern (app:). Once I changed to the new default way, the app loads.... BUT now there's no sound! :(

    Edited again!

    So now it seems you have to preload sounds or there is no sound at all.

  • Seems like we have the same problem. The game is stuck at the loading screen with Construct logo.

    Edit: Changing Scripts type to "Classic" seems to help in my case.

  • Changing script type to classic works better than what I did. Now all my audio is working!

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  • +1 Script Type to classic solved the hang. Thanks for the time saver.. that was ponderous for a moment..

  • Same. Just posted something similar - i'm still getting the white screen with the construct cog wheel.

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