Anyone else having issues with MobileAdvert and PhoneGap?

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  • Can I ask if anyone else is having issues with Construct3 in regards to the MobileAdvert object and building their app via PhoneGap?

    I have an app that will be built for both an iOS and Android. The app has a native social share plugin that relies on being built via PhoneGap for it to work. And it builds fine providing MobileAdvert object is not included in the initial app build. But I want mobile adverts on my app. So I need MobileAdvert object.

    When MobileAdvert object is present in the initial build, the PhoneGap build blows out and the error tells me I need to convert to current Swift syntax. So instead of the initial export as Cordova, I export as Swift. I then open the file in Xcode and try to convert to current Swift syntax only for Xcode to say the convert failed. So Xcode doesn't seem to be able to convert Construct3 files to Legacy Swift - anyone else have this issue and solved it?

    So I'm asking if anyone has managed to build an iOS app through PhoneGap Build while having MobileAdvert object present in their app. If so, was there a particular way you had to build it?

    I am rapidly losing patience with this programme.

    Thanks all.

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