Anyone getting a WebGL fail after ~1 hr ? (Blackscreen in game and layout editor disappear)

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  • Ive been getting this each time ive been working with the last 121b build,

    happens approx after about 1 hour. requires restart of Chrome to fix.

    there is a "Failed to Initialise WebGL context error" in the console.

    just wondering if any of you guys getting ???


    ps maybe something to do with working off line, I was trying to sneak a hour after work at the office and I cant use internet here on the game dev pc.

  • Ye I think this is definitely a thing,

    Have had exactly the same on a win 7 machine running chrome 68 just now as well as the win 10 machine running 69 earlier.

    The layout editor goes blank and the preview screen goes black after 1-2 hours.

    So definitely something construct related either directly or in conjunction with my project

    I will try with the demo projects this weekend before I raise a bug

    But no one else getting ?????

  • This has been happening even before 120/121 etc. In some strange cases webgl just crashes in preview(results black screen) and then editor view is blank, even tought you can still click and select objects. Ordinary it happens when doing some tests with huge amount of sprites.

    You can get similar crash in when viewing some examples there.

    It has never happened with just 1 preview test, but over time while you have done like 5-6+ test. So there could be some kind of leak.

    I got different console error when it has happened. "WebGL: "Context_Lost_Webgl: loseContext: context lost"

  • Oh good , Im not alone.....

    yes you describe it exactly the same, black screen on preview, layouts become blank but Construct remains functional, it dosent crash, you can still mess with events , you can even save and there is no corruption of file. But you need to restart Chrome to get the layout editor back and to be able to preview again.

    I haven’t been able to deliberately replicate it by repeatedly previewing my project, I dont see any jump in system or GPU memory or CPU so I dont know. My project is definily pushing a fair few sprites around but nothing it hasn’t been doing for a long time and hasn’t happened before

    All I can say is it just happens after clicking preview but only after some time usually an hour or two .... which isnt very helpful for bug reporting,....hmmmmmm

  • Hi, Ashley

    its happened a few times since and seems to be related to working off line with Construct 3. It is like webgl is timimng out when off line.

    Even when chrome is restarted it will not work until an internet connection is established.

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  • It sounds like the GPU driver is crashing. Not much anyone can do about that other than your GPU vendor.

  • I'm getting it too it seems related to this issue

  • HI Ashley

    Its happening on two very different machines running different versions of chrome, surface pro with integrated gfx and a HP Zbook 3D workstation with Quadro gfx so i dont think it is specifically related to a particular gfx card / driver combo failing.

    also it appears to be walled within the chrome environment when using construct editing and previewing , and everything outside chrome gfx wise is fine.

    also it can be resolved by restarting chrome, so may be a chrome issue, but it dosent resolve by restarting unless construct can communicate with construct servers for some sort of webgl validation. So some part of the issue is related to being off line.

    Im not using any physics in my project but yes it does feel like some sort gpu mem leak, I will try to have a thorough look at how gpu is behaving tonight.

  • Actually, that bug identifies a leak in the Text object in the C3 runtime. Since we use the same code in the editor, it could affect the editor too. Hopefully once we fix it it'll fix the same leak in the editor too.

  • Ohhhhh... I should have read into the comments.


    I normally don't have any text object boxes in game but i did indeed recently add a ton of them (temporarily) to a load of enemies to display their individual timers and bullet related variables etc to debug bullet patterns.

    That'll be it then by the sounds of it....

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