Anyone Experience with exporting a game for IOS with C3?

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  • Hi

    Just wondered if anyone have experience with exporting and setting up a game on IOS. The information I seem to encounter seems a bit outdated.

    Any pointers?


  • reynslagdev I have set up a handful of games for export on iOS. It's been a pretty straightforward experience for what is ready (gamecenter, iap, and admob are all non-functional at the moment). The most important things to keep in mind is once you import to xcode, you need to remove the developer cert and re-add it (can be done right away), changing the device to generic, and turning on gamecenter (plus others if you have them).

    After that you can archive the game and upload it to the developer itunes connect area, and make available for testing (there is a small delay from uploading the archive to being available for testing, but most times it's under five minutes).

    Is that what you are looking for?

  • So all this is available with C3???

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  • How did you find the performance?

  • Performance on an i5s and i7+ both run pretty well. But C2 did that pretty well too (talking 5ish games from C2 and 11ish C3 ready). Overall zero slowdowns from what I have personally experienced; but than again, I don't do over-the-top performance demanding games.

    I think where C3 really has shined most is prep for the app itself. The XDK was literally a pain to work with, so many tiny details to get right or something will look off or just not function the way it did in test runs (html preview). C3 gives more hands on with xcode compared to importing to the Intel XDK and I like the logo/icon adding more now than adding every possible resolution known to mankind and getting errors from the Intel XDK.

    Apples development app feels easier to work with and can upload directly to the store (which is super nice, archives are a godsend and doing all my work to a Mac, or remoting in and importing to xcode is easier than ever).

  • Been away for some time, but see your answer pwrtoppl. I'll look into that and see if I can figure it out.

    Thanks a lot for your answer.

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