Would anyone like to see more Computer Science stuff in Construct 3?

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  • How many people would like to see Construct 3 tutorials on Computer Science topics, and lessons on how to use your skills from Construct to learn JavaScript programming?

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  • LOL! That make sense. That is why you guys use a tool like Construct. All good :-)

  • A series on how to develop plugins and behaviors with JavaScript may be more relevant. There are many excellent resources already out there that allow a person to learn JavaScript in general, easily found for those who are interested. Logic skills learned from Construct are pretty much innately transferable in most cases without a need to specifically reference them.

  • I don't think it would be a bad idea. I did have a problem with screen movement because the game shared the same keys as the paged. So whenever the player would go up or down using the arrow keys, so does the page. A person finally replied back to me on how to fixed this and he said to put in a lock page code in the java script. Unfortunatly , I was unable to edit or do this because I have no idea of what I was doing and I did not want to mess up my html java script file for my game. It kinda of go hand to hand, in a way. Game coding and computer science. So I think it would be nice to have a some tutorials about some things of computer science and what you can do gaming wise with the skills.

  • Hey guys. Thank you for your help. Will I have a problem because there are two current versions of Construct?

  • What do you mean by that? Theres construct 2 and theres construct 3. Construct 3 is always getting updated and new features are always getting added every other week. What kind of problem are you worrying about encountering?

  • A fractured community. Writing for 3 when more people use 2 or vice-versa.

  • You were talking about computer science and JavaScript.... That would be applicable to c2 or c3 equally...

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