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  • I'll file these separately at github but it's hard to get started on any sort of project with the way the UI acts right now.

    The game runs in a browser, but crashes when you add the browser object. The popout windows never remember they were popped out. For some reason the editor still thinks the windows are there after pop out so you cannot click sprites until you move your mouse around to find the invisible windows edge and resize it invisibly to the left or right.

    All of that is fine and all and I can work around that stuff, but, transparent images creating a red line on the right side of the image is something I cannot move past. I thought maybe I could if it was only a UI issue but it persists in exports. This is the same with any image file I choose on the desktop version of contruct with 4k as the template.

    I thought this program was ready to go here. I bought this software with actual money to feel like I cannot accurately begin a project.

    Come on guys.

  • For your sprite issue, did you try clicking on the crop button at the top of the animation editor is a button called crop transparent edges. This should fix that mutation.

  • Yes.

    This does in fact fix the issue so I appreciate the work around (I truly do, I can deal with work arounds), however it is very impossible for me to have so many images with this issue of a single pixel flaw on the right-side with so many images coming from so many different places (google, deviantart, etc).

  • That's not a Construct isolated thing.

  • That's not a Construct isolated thing.

    Can you clarify? I have never had to deal with this before. The anomaly does not show up in image editing programs.

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  • I believe it is how images are drawn to the canvas.

    I'm not a tech expert so the best way I can explain it is when you are working with in an image editor you are manipulating pixels, that's why that software exists.

    Game engines take an image and project it on a canvas, I hope someone with some real knowledge can explain it better, all I know is I had stuff like this happen in other game engines.

  • Hello;

    I get this edge image problem when I zoom way out on some images (before and after exporting to HTML5). I am not sure it is the same problem but I see the side line sometimes too.



  • Generally we need all the information in the bug report form to be able to help. But if you see seams along object edges when zooming out, try adjusting the "downscaling quality" project property. This can be caused by adjacent images on the same spritesheet, and high quality modes ensure things are more spaced apart which generally fixes it, but at the expense of using more memory. So unless you see it in-game it's best not to change it and ignore the seams in the editor.

  • Thankyou Ashley;

    I upped downscaling quality to high and the edge artifacts went away.



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