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  • Hi,

    Would you be interested to have IN YOUR GAME, the possibility to edit objects?

    Let me explain:

    - Be able to move one or more objects with the mouse.

    - To be able to resize or rotate one or more objects, thanks to handles, by selecting them with the mouse.

    Each object can be selected in three ways:

    - With the mouse, thanks to a rectangular selection.

    - With a left mouse click on the object + the CTRL key pressed: Select the object if it

    is not already Selected or otherwise the Deselect.

    - Thanks to its "Is Selected" variable.

    Each object will have its own variables, to be able to control the editing of them:

    ---- Warning: System variable to have information on the object(s) currently in use

    edited, the user must not modify them or risk malfunction.

    Its variables are useful for use with conditions for example.


    - Is currently Selected: Yes or No. (Keep "Yes" as long as it is not Deselected).

    - Is currently being moved: Yes or No. (Keep "Yes" as long as the mouse button is pressed to move it).

    - Is currently being Resized: Yes or No. (Keep "Yes" as long as the mouse button is pressed on a handle for the Resized).

    - Is currently being rotated: Yes or No. (Keep "Yes" as long as the mouse button is pressed on a handle for the rotated).

    And why not also (To see):

    - Has been Cut (When the object has just been Cut, Keeps "Yes" as long as another editable object is not cut or copied or has not been pasted).

    - Has been copied (When the object has just been copied, keep "Yes" as long as it has not been pasted or another editable object has not been copied or cut).

    - Has been Pasted (When the object has just been Pasted, Keeps "Yes" as long as there is no other action (Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete) on it or another editable Object).

    - Has been Deleted (When the object has just been Deleted, Keep "Yes" until it does not return.


    ---- Constraint variables of the object(s) that can be modified by the user:

    - Is overlapping with another editable object (during editing) (Another edited object can cross it, move through it, if not, an edited object cannot cross it, cannot be pasted on it either): Yes or no.

    - Is Movable: Yes or No.

    - Is Resizable: Yes or No.

    - Is Pivotable: Yes or No.

    And even why not (To see), even more options, such as for example:

    Is Vertically / Horizontally Movable: Yes or No:

    - Position X Minimum: Ex: 50.

    - Y position Minimum: Ex: 100.

    - Maximum X position: Ex: 300.

    - Maximum Y position: Ex: 150.

    - Displacement bearing (Crank) X: Ex: from 10 to 10 Pixels.

    - Displacement bearing (Crank) Y: Ex: from 20 to 20 Pixels.

    ---- Usefulness: Being able to force the object to stay in a specific area.

    Is Resizable: Yes or No:

    - Top Left: Yes or No.

    - High Center: Yes or No.

    - Top Right: Yes or No.

    - Left Center: Yes or No.

    - Center Right: Yes or No.

    - Bottom Left: Yes or No.

    - Lower Center: Yes or No.

    - Bottom Right: Yes or No.

    - Minimum resizing width: Ex: 250.

    - Maximum width of resizing: Ex: 500.

    - Minimum height of resizing: Ex: 100.

    - Maximum height of resizing: Ex: 300.

    ---- Utility: Choose in which direction the object can be resized (handles visible or not) and its Minimum and Maximum size of resizing.

    Is Pivotable: Yes or No:

    - Minimum angle: Ex: 45.

    - Maximum angle: Ex: 90.

    - Swivel bearing (Crank): Ex: from 45 to 45 pixels.

    ---- Usefulness: Choose the angle of rotation of the object (handles visible or not).

    And even why not (To see), even more options, such as for example:

    - Can be Cut and Paste: Yes or No.

    - Can be Copy and Paste: Yes or No.

    - Can be Deleted: Yes or No.

    And even why not (To see), even more options, such as for example:

    - Cancel and Restore a change of edited objects: Yes or No.

    ---- Usefulness: To be able to return to a previous state.

    For example, save the game each time an editable object is changed, and be able to reload it if desired, even after the game is finished.


    Usefulness of such a project?:

    - Create super easy level editors.

    - Edit an object at a desired time in a game.

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  • I remind you that this is a question, not a request for help!

    The question is:

    Would you be interested to have the possibility in your game (not in the C3 editor but in the game create with C3), to be able to edit:

    The position of the editable objects.

    The size of the editable objects.

    The angle of the editable objects.


    For example, it can be used to make a level editor in

    your game (In the game you created with C3)

    Sometimes in our game (depending on what it is), we would like to have a level editor.

    With what I'm proposing, you can do it very easily!

  • If you are asking if people would like a template to make a third party editor with just the aspects you mentioned, then my answer would be no.

    A third party editor would have features we don't have access to, not just your version of features we already have. Those that you mentioned that we don't have, we don't need.

  • If you are asking if we want a plug-in that adds a behavior to allow us during our game to resize, reposition, etc. to or characters then yes that would be very cool. I have done this already through events and what not but having the ability to just add a behavior will make this process much easier for others. If you already have this created then I would definitely take a look at it. If it is as good as I think it could be then I think it would be a good plugin to be included with construct

  • jackarivera I don't think this can be done with just a behavior, because transformations need to be applied to multiple selected objects. So this needs to be a plugin as the main object (selection area), plus possibly a behavior, which you apply to sprites.

    It will be difficult to configure and customize, and there may be all sorts of compatibility issues with other behaviors. And I can't really think of many usage cases where it may be needed. A level editor, maybe a simple graphics editor, and that's about it.

  • For a game made and exported in Construct this would make sense if you don't know how to make such a editor for your game using Construct event system, and here we are talking new entry Construct users.

    So for that reason i'd say some new Construct users might want this type of thing, but for an moderate/advance user of Construct this makes no sense, since we can code a level editor in the game using Construct(and some custom plugins/behaviors as dop mentioned) and have way more freedom to the objects than the features you listed.

    To me it seems you have a pretty good sketch of what you want the template/features to be, and is a matter of doing it and put it out there, and see how people receives it.

    From what i can foresee is that it will have some use for some people.

    Hope it makes sense what my input was and helps you pin down the issues (pros/cons).

  • I was asking because I was talking about it with Dop2000.

    He told me he could do it but for money.

    If no one is interested, I don't see the point!

    Moreover, if one person knows how to do it, why not share it with others?

    Since it looks so easy.

    It will not be a plugin, because it will be too complicated, but as an event in C3.

    As a Plugin, it would be great, but too complicated according to Dop2000.

    Yes, I am talking about being able to make a level editor or something else IN YOUR GAME, (not in C3).

    So it would be a model, paying, because to have it done, it's not free and you need a certain amount of money!

    The second concern will be to know that it will be priced I should put it, once in my possession.

    That's why I need to know if it's interesting, and I'd also like to know what price people would be willing to buy it.

    I think I will do several (Level) of this model.

    That is, several versions, with more or less possibility, so the price would be according to what you want to do.

    Thank you for your participation:)

  • So you want:

    * moving, scaling and rotating via handles.

    * for multiple objects at once.

    * undo/redo stack

    * variables per object. Construct variables or your own?

    * constraints on position, angle, rotation.

    * conditions when editing is being done and such.

    An example could be made but it would be specific to that example. It's not simple to adapt it to an existing game. There are lots of things that need to tie in. A plugin would just add more complexity in a different area.

    There are a few examples around the forum of parts of what you're after.

  • * moving, scaling and rotating with handles.

    * for several objects at the same time.

    * cancel/reinstate the battery

    *cut, copy, paste, delete

    * variables by object. Fixed, each object must have its variables, otherwise if one of them does not exist, the action related to this variable will not be done, ex: The variable: "Resizable" does not exist, then the object is not resizable.

    * constraints of position, size, angle.

    * conditions during the current edition and so on.

    Thank you very much for your help:)

  • I'll be honest because I have studied this in 2d games for a long time. For example like Cooking Fever (Im a cooking fever expert :))or something. Yes there is tween, but there is also that thing that tricks the eye into believing there is more animation than it looks like there is. So a lot of times it is just switching images. Or like most walking forward animations are only two images. Am I right or wrong?

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