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  • I have a character that has animations triggered at different moments. If it's jumping it has one animation, then another animation on falling. It has to catch "food" throughout the game. When the character overlaps the food it is supposed to trigger an "eating" animation. The problem I'm having is that if it's in the fall state, the fall state animation will override the "eating" animation. I need to make the eating animation take priority over any other animation that could be triggered. Is there a way to prioritize?

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  • if you have many situations like the falling/eating then I would make a state variable and from there you can figure out if a state can be interrupted or not.

    otherwise for a quick thing like that you can easily implement a bool. So when on collision with the food: set Eating to TRUE, then in your fall animation trigger, add "NOT is Eating" - if that makes sense?

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