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  • Hello everyone ,

    Trying to integrate a game with instant facebook games i found 2 issues that force me to explore other options.

    Instant game does not retreive the full name of the user and leaderboard will not save scores that are not better than the players previous score.

    This 2 force me to explore other options and here i want your advise.

    Is there any problem if i add facebook plugin and playfab plugin but export it as instant game?(i understand that instant object must be include).

    And if i upload it to instant games using facebook plugin am i need to build my game to recognize if is on android or ios device, because if you try to add a game to facebook dev ask if your game is android or ios.


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  • You cannot use Facebook login in an Instant Game. You are not allowed to use any calls from Facebook api either, only IG. You are not allwed to gather any other personal information from any user other than what you get get in the IG. (first name, picture and language basically)

    An Instant Game is not set up as an Android game or iOS game, it is purely an IG, and you should not add anything else to it in the Dashboard.

    You can use PlayFab though, or use your own DB for scores.

  • The score i want to submit is the wins - loses = %

    If i create 2 leaderboards 1 for wins and 1 for loses because there are many first names who are the same is there any chance to mix up the scores?

    If i compare the names and photos for each leaderboard can i avoid that?

    Or i can compare only the playerId? is the playerId uniqe for each player?

  • You should compare Ids, not the names.

    But in any case, Global Leaderboards for Instant Games will be deprecated and removed soon. So don't start

  • But in any case, Global Leaderboards for Instant Games will be deprecated and removed soon. So don't start

    Hello, thanks again for the reply ,

    After global leaderboards deprecated its mean that we can not get connected friends scores or challange them?

    I understand that i can create an external leaderboard but this is going to show all the score even if some users are not my friends in facebook.

    Is there anything i can send to the leaderboard so i can check and retreive my friends?

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