Android Install - Parse Error?

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  • I am having a bit of an issue installing my APK on my android tablet.

    I have done plenty of googling and searching forums but not luck so far.

    Basically I am building an APK (tried signed, unsigned & debug), transferring the APK over to the device and attempted to install but immediately hit with a Parse Error.

    I have tried version 9 back to 6 (my tablet is running 9), I have tried debug, unsigned and signed.

    I have developer mode activated and USB debugging on (but also tried off)

    I have it set to install apps from unknown parties

    I have downloaded various other APK's online and installed without any issues?

    Any suggestions?


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  • Hmm, think its down to this cheapo android tablet.

    It says it android 9, but android studio indicates the SDK version is 19 which is Android version 4.4?

    Very odd...

    I am an iOS user so wanted to test on android, I guess ill just have to use Android Studio to emulate.

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