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  • So I believe this is very important having a device exclusion list. The biggest reason being low rating prevention. If someone downloads your game and their device doesn't support web gl or web assembly etc I feel realistically 30% of people will vote your game 1 star automatically blaming the app for not working when in reality their device doesn't support the proper requirements. I hope this isn't asking for too much but anyone who has experience with uploading android apps I think it would be amazing to have and or start a list of unsupported chips and phones, in general, to allow us as developers to have a better fighting chance at the start. I remember reading the more positive reviews you receive early on the higher your app moves up the list. Thank you

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  • It would be pretty useful to know what devices can't run Construct games well. As of now, there are 8933 devices that my Android app supports in the Play Store. With no way to test them, an exclusion list would be nice.

    However, I noticed on export options that you can restrict by OS. On the assumption that older devices are less likely to run C3 games well (for example, my son's S4 gets pretty low fps on my pixel platformer) perhaps it might be viable to restrict according to OS?

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