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  • For those who are interested I can verify that it works fine to build C3 builds with the brand new Android Cordova 10(.0.1)

    I needed to upgrade my gradle, and you need to remove the whitelist plugin from the project (since that is now built into the core files as I've understood it.)

    The release notes:

    Version 10.0.0

    Version 10.0.1

    I used

    Android Cordova 10.0.1

    AS Arctic Fox 2020.3.1

    Gradle 7.1.1

    Android Gradle 4.2.2

    Build tools 30.0.3

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  • Thanks for updating to Cordova10 Ashley, I can see you removed the whitelist plugin accordingly. Seems fine.

    I've a question regarding the fullscreen plugin. You include this plugin when we choose "Hide status bar" on the export. Asfaik this plugin is totally obsolete for Android 5+. Since cordova now don't even allow builds older than android 5.1 I cannot see any benefit of this plugin? (Setting fullscreen=true, now achieve the same as this plugin asfaik.

    (I always build without this plugin and cannot see any issue..)

    Do you have any deeper insight?

    Would it be possible to add an option (project property tickbox) to include/exclude the splashscreen plugin? This plugin causes a lot of issues (it contains a well known bug that disables the back-button functionality for instance). For small projects this plugin don't make any sense either since those loads very quickly (and the black screen which was a huge issue long time ago is not an issue any longer for projects which is not very heavy to load)

  • There are some comments in the codebase indicating we use cordova-plugin-fullscreen to enter fullscreen mode at runtime, rather than at startup, to avoid bugs. We've had some real nightmares with viewport bugs in the past, so I'd rather not touch that.

    I'd always rather fix bugs than add extra features to work around them.

  • ah ok, fine with fullscreen then.

    regarding the splashscreen I will continue to just remove it from my projects. I know others always adjust the code instead.

    I know you are well aware of the bug, and also well aware that the cordova team doesn't do anything about it, and that it exist a fork with the bug fixed. :)

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