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  • Hi there, I loaded my C2 game inside of C3 and exported for Android (with the C3 build in Android debug export). There were some problems with it, but my major problem was that the background music of the game, didn't stop when you minimized the game.

    Notice that when I export it with C2 and use Intel XDK to build the apk, I don't have the same problem


    C2 export for Android 4.0 using Intel XDK. (music doesn't play when you minimize the game)

    C3 export for Android 5.0 using C3 debug APK . (music still plays when you minimize the game)

    Anyone has similar problem, knows how to fix this, or can explain why this happens?


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  • I notice this too, this did not Happen on an older build where i exported the app and the music stops. Now the music plays in the background, even when the phone screen is off!

    Will there be a fix for that or is there some new condition we have to add now?

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