Alt + Shift on input fields (Mac-only?)

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  • Hi everyone!

    I decided to get back to get back Construct after a couple of years without messing around with the tool.

    One of the reasons why I stopped using it was because I moved to Apple computers, during C2 days, and that added an extra challenge to the whole game-making endeavours.

    Well, I had a new idea for a game, and I decided it was time to jump back and prototype it!

    I got the C3 license and everything has been a breeze apart from one thing:

    When writing on input fields, I can use the ALT + <left/right> to navigate the cursor work by word.

    I can't, however, use the ALT + SHIFT + <left/right> to select the word as I move around.

    This breaks my flow, because then it requires me to either a) move my hands away from keyboard to use the mouse or b) use SHIFT + <left/right> to get the selection character by character.

    This kind of breaks how every single other input field works out there.

    Anyone else experiencing it?

    Is there a reason why this happens? If not, can it be fixed?


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  • No one? :(

  • Construct maps Alt + Shift + Left/right to the next/back keyboard shortcuts, which prevents them performing their default action. However it's easy to make sure these shortcuts don't have effect while typing, so I made that change for the next release.

  • You never cease to amaze me, dude!

    Thanks for the great work as always! ;)

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