Ajax weird behavior with multiple layouts.

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  • Hello, I have a strange behavior / not sure if it's a bug :)

    So I first create a single layout with an array. Array is fed from the Json file (since I have a paid account). When I run the layout, it works perfectly.

    I wanted to use a "replay" button to start the layout, that does'nt work, everything stays there. So I create an intro layout with some animations that when if finishes, goes to my main layout.

    Now when I play the debugger, on start of layout the Ajax module request my file (.json)

    but skips the "on array file completed" - Load from Json string Ajax.laststring.

    Why would it skip this step?




  • Check for typos, and that your layouts are linked to the correct event sheets.

  • If that is the case, then when I play my layout seperately, I would have the same issue, which is not the case.

    If I play the layer with the AJAX code, it works fine.

  • Can't verify without seeing.

    If it's reproducible, file a bug according to the guidelines.

  • how do I share my file.. (just don't want to share it at large, since it's for an ongoing project)


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  • Make a minimal project with only the problem you are having, other people don't want your whole project either.

    If you can't recreate the problem in a minimal project, you probably just had a mistake in your main project. A lot of times you can find the problem just by taking away everything else.

    You can upload to Dropbox or Google drive or something similar to share.

  • OK.. will try that.



  • So, I found a solution. Instead of using "on start of layout" I changed it to "on loader complete" ...

    I guess it was trying to read the file before finishing loading.

    Anyways, I posted another issue on the export.. but that's another thread lol :)


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