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  • Was playing around with advanced random plugin and some other things lately, and had an idea that would be pretty cool.

    Some things i would like to do:

    For example:

    setting the opacity of an object. Not with a value but with an advanced input. This could be pretty much anything. Bitmap, the output of random plugin, gradient. Of course this would need to be placed using some kind of 2d Matrix?

    Setting the color of an object using the same method as above.

    If Objects like sprites had an output expression. The output is pretty much just the image data.

    Some possibilites

    * Create simple shaders using this kind of inputs.

    * Applying noise, and details to sprites.

    * Using image or image data or to control opacity/alpha, insdead of using blend modes.

    * Controlling effect parameters with gradients? You could have the top of an sprite have heavy blur and bottom if sprite have no blur.

    I think there's a lot of fun possibilities if Sprites and other similiar objects had some kind of Output expression, outputting the image data, which you can input into something else, like the opacity of another sprite.

    Is this something that would be technically possible?

    I can think of many cases where you would want to have an image or image data is input instead of a single value.


    Just want to know if anything like that would be possible with the new C3 runtime?

  • Isn't this what WebGL shader effects do?

  • I guess, but then you would probably need to make a custom shader?

    It would be good if C3 had some kind of simple built in shader builder.

    Basically what I'm looking for is some way to build this kind of stuff from, within C3

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  • You already only need to write a few lines of GLSL to make a custom shader.

    Time is by far our most limited resource, and writing a whole shader editor to wrap this for you would be a huge job for a small, niche benefit.

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