No "Advanced audio supported" condition for audio object

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  • Hi!

    I can't find the "advanced audio supported" condition anywhere in the audio object conditions. Is this because of an educational license? If we open up the "Microphone input example" demo, we can see this condition being used, however double-clicking on that condition will not show a condition called "advanced audio supported" either.

    So the question is: how can we find the "advanced audio supported" condition for the audio object?


  • Apparently this condition is only available in the C2 Legacy runtime, not in C3's.

    Learn more about runtime

    The microphone input example was first made in C2 Legacy, and then passed to C3's runtime and the condition was left, for compatibility purposes I guess.

    It is indeed surprising though so here is a bug report to raise awareness on this issue.

    Whether you are using the personal or the startup or standard business or an education plan, all the same features are unlocked and available in all those.

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  • It's removed in the C3 runtime because it always supports advanced audio, so there's no need to check. I'll update the example (will follow up at the issue report).

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