Ads not working on some android devices (test ads) [Solved]

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  • I'm in the process of implementing ads in my android game and for now I have the ads plugin set in testmode

    and I'm using a test ad unit.

    On some devices everything works fine and ads shows as expected but on other devices ads don't show even though the "agree to see relevant ads" msg box works. Also the game icon gets a little asterisk beside it on the devices where the ads don't work.

    Is anyone else having these issues or know what is wrong and how to fix it?



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  • Thought I'd just mention that now when the game is published and live on the google play store, ads are working fine on all android devices I have installed it on. Just be careful and make sure you're not testing on devices with the google account that is you developer account to avoid fraudulent ads impressions and you'll be fine.

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