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  • Can anyone provide a way to get admob working on construct 3?

    Have been trying to get this to work for some time now. Very frustrating.

  • Same here. I can't get it work either.

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  • Your post title is a bit misleading; it does in fact work, on both Android and iOS.

    Make sure you set up your ad in Admob properly and simply add to your project:

    -> MobileAdvert: Create interstitial advert "(your advert id here)" show: true

    I also separated the OS by using the - On Platform to sort by iOS and Android to prevent the wrong ad showing on the wrong platform (I don't think it's required by Admob, but I would rather just follow their guidelines than not).

  • Am I doing it right or did I miss something important that prevent it from working

    1) Add the Admob Advert object type -insert ID, for banner and insterstitial

    2) on start of layout - Admob, preload banner ad, preload interstitial ad

    3) on banner ad received - Admob, show banner ad at position

    4) on touched button - Admob, show interstitial

    Any guide or help is much appreciated,

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