Admob native ads in construct "Native Advanced"

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  • any possibility of implementing "Native Advanced" or "Native Advanced Video" ads?

    From what I saw I have options to put various sizes of banners but none behaves like native someone already did? or does the construct have plans to implement?

    Link native ads

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  • I've always considered the name "native ads" to be rather misleading, all the advert types are "native". The description given for them is "[...]ad assets that are presented to users via UI components that are native to the platform." which is fine, except banner adverts also fall under that description. I would explain them as more of a "build your own advert".

    The major reasoning for using a "Native ad" is that you can style it so that it integrates better with your application. However, a major restriction I can see it that it can only be used within the Android UI framework, which Construct doesn't use. Also the content seems to lend itself to a sort of "install this app now" tile. I'm not really sure how you would integrate this sort of content into gameplay.

    I think in general it would be complicated to use, and not actually integrate very well. However, if someone could come up with a clear explanation on how it would work with construct and show there is sufficient interest in it then we will reconsider it.

    Feature request should be put on our feature request platform

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